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Why we need your support

Help us improve the lives of people living with autism in Telford and Wrekin.

Receiving a diagnosis of autism is often just one step in a long and challenging journey. Telford Autism Hub are here to offer support to anyone who needs a helping hand or just a friendly ear to listen, understand and advise.

Your donations  play an important part in helping us to accomplish this.


All money that we receive from you enables us to support not only those  with autism but also their families too.


We will be able to support them at every stage of their journey from getting a diagnosis to finding the correct tools and strategies to assist them in living their life to the full.

How you can help

There are a number of ways you can support Telford Autism Hub;

  • Make a one off donation or set up a monthly Direct Debit

  • Set up a Facebook birthday donation page

  • Fundraising, either as a corporate group or as an individual

  • Leave a legacy, your gift could change a life


Over the last couple of years Telford Autism Hub have helped by providing the following: 

  • [Number] Training/ talks/ workshops

  • [Number] Social activities/events 

  • [Number] 1-1 support sessions 

  • [Number] Autism assessments

  • [Number] People have been diagnosed

  • Any other ways you've helped?

How your donation can help

  • £5.00 will help fund....

  • £10.00 will help fund

  • £20.00 will help pay for...

[AMOUNT] from every £1 donated goes directly towards supporting autistic people and their family and friends?

****Quotes and feedback about how TAH has helped them to be added here ****

Lending a Helping Hand
Colorful Birthday Party



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