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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about out Friday Drop ins & Monthly Socials

Drop in & Monthly socials

How do I find out about all the activities you have at the hub?     

You can have a look on our Facebook page which is regularly updated; subscribe to our Newsletter by emailing, or give us a quick call.

I am on the waiting list for an assessment , can I still access the socials? 

Yes you can as long as you are on our pathway for assessment or are already diagnosed and we have your details on our database.

Can I bring a friend along with me to any of the socials?

You can bring someone with you for support for the first social, then we like you to come on your own, the socials are for you and to enable you to make new friends.

What age do I need to be to attend socials? 

If you are already diagnosed with ASD you can come along from the age of 16, as long as we have got your details on our database. Please request a referral form if you are not registered.

What times are your  drop ins?     

11am -1pm on the 3rd Friday of the month -Information, Advice and Guidance 

See our Events Calendar for latest information on our weekly events

Can I bring someone along to the drop in with me? 

You can bring someone with you for support a couple of times,  then we ask you to come along on your own, its the best way to meet new people.

I have not had my diagnosis yet but am registered with you , can I still attend?   

Yes you can, there will be other people there who are also waiting for their assessment.

Is there a time limit for how long you can keep attending? 

Yes there is; you can attend up to and after you have had you assessment, we will then offer you a PCP(Person Centred Plan) you can come along for a few weeks after that. Then we will discuss your options for moving on from the drop in - but remember you can still come along to our monthly talks, socials,  other events  and have a 1 -1 support appointment if you need to talk to someone about your autism.

Are refreshments provided?

Yes they are, we provide hot and cold drinks and biscuits all free of charge.

FAQ Friday drop in & Monthly socials
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