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Making sense of your autism diagnosis


Getting an autism diagnosis as a young adult can be a moment of huge significance. On one hand it can feel like finally getting answers to questions about yourself, or feelings of difference from others. But an autism diagnosis can also raise many more questions that need answering. Ambitious about Autism have produced a collection of videos and blogs, all written or featuring autistic young people themselves, explain diagnosis, autistic identity and everything that surrounds it. Click on the link to access the videos; Making sense of your autism diagnosis | Ambitious about Autism

Know Your Normal Toolkit


The Know Your Normal toolkit enables you to describe what your normal looks like. Things such as how much sleep you get, how much time you spend on your interests and hobbies and how this makes you feel. So if any of these change, it’s easier to explain to people who may not understand your autism that something feels different.

Know Your Normal | Ambitious about Autism

Family Session  - Dugout 11 to 18  - Term Time 19-04-22.png

Our dugout youth group is held on the 1st Thursday of the month, 4:30pm to 6pm Term time only with alternative dates during the holidays

We offer a variety of activities including creative arts, board games, pool, table tennis and table football... not to forget our famous HOT CHOCOLATE MOUNTAINS!!

It's the perfect place to relax and catch up with other young people from our hub or enjoy a game of table tennis...

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