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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about our Talks & Webinars

Talks and webinars

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a virtual workshop / training session, delivered over the internet rather than at the Hub in person. The team at the Telford Autism Hub use Webinar-Ninja to host webinars and a link to access each webinar will be provided beforehand for you to register and watch. 

What topics do your talks / workshops cover?

Our workshops and talks are held regularly and cover a range of different topics related to ASD. They are offered to help raise awareness and increase your confidence in different areas of your life. Previous topics that have been delivered include ASD and the Senses, ASD and Relationships, Understanding ASD and also ASD Awareness for relatives. We also have individuals and organisations presenting talks on specific areas including money management, benefits and health and fitness

Can I recommend a workshop topic?

Yes. We welcome your ideas and suggestions and can usually create a workshop on most ASD related topics. We also invite external organisations to give talks and welcome any suggestions or ideas you might have.

Do I have to attend the workshops, webinars and talks?

We host a variety of ways you can access support and recommend keeping up to date with what is happening via our newsletter or social media. We recommend attending the activities you feel will support and help you. You are not obliged to attend everything.

Are your workshops just on-line?

The team deliver workshops and talks using a variety of ways including on-line and in person. Whilst the Autism Hub is closed we will continue to present workshops and talks on line. Once the Hub has re-opened we will host workshops and talks in person but will continue to use the internet too.       

FAQ Talks and Webinars
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