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Who we are:


Our Autism Forensic Liaison Team are here to help people with Autism who have been in contact with the police.  In the team there is a Nurse, and a Psychologist (Emma). We work for the NHS and we are based at Telford Autism Hub.


We help you to:


  • Think about your Autism, about your offences and if they might be linked.

  • Make a plan to keep yourself and other people safe.

  • Feel confident about how you can avoid offending.

  • Get in touch with the right services to make sure you have the right support. 

We work with autistic adults who are over 18 and whose doctors surgery is in the Telford and Wrekin area.  The people we work with are at risk of offending, or have offended in the past. We don’t work with people who have a learning disability.


We have 4 levels of help, depending on what you need:


Level 1 – Giving advice to the people who already support you, like the police, social workers and mental health teams.


Level 2 – Doing an assessment to see if you have autism.


Level 3 – Working with you to make a plan to keep yourself and other people safe. Helping you feel confident about                      how you can avoid offending .

Level 4 – Taking charge of your care.

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