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You can self refer for an Adult Autism Assessment by using our Referral Form or be referred by your GP or other professional organisation.
Once you have completed your in your initial referral form for assessment and returned it the hub  is able to offer you immediate additionsal support from our range of activities.

This is important as the volume of referrals means that currently the complete process can take over two years  to complete and we recognise people need support in the interim.


Telford Autism Hub is the first point of contact for a comprehensive Autism Spectrum

Disorder assessment for adults. This is carried out by our NHS partners in Midland

Foundation Partnership Trust.

Criteria for initial screening

  • Have a  GP in Telford

  • Are over 18 years old ( see childrens hub for  Childrens assessment porocess * )

  • Do not have a Learning Disability diagnosis **



So you think you maybe on the autistic spectrum?


Here is a simple screening tools test which may be of help if you are considering

making a referral:



 Completed Assessment Referral forms 

These are returned to Telford Adults Autism Hub either via email or post. We check they meet the basic criteria before forwarding them to the assessment team who will arrange an initial screening appointment with the individaul requesting an assesment. This is usually within a few months of the person being placed on the active waiting list but is dependant on the volume of referrals coming in.

* If you are under 18 then please contact CAMHS

** If you have a learning disability then please contact your local learning disability team by emailing them  at  


You can also contact Telford Wellbeing Independence Partnership for information and advice. 


Call: 01952 916030


Should I have an assessment?
It is important that you agree to having your autism assessment, and that you know the pros and cons. 

Autism diagnosis can be helpful because: 

It might help you to understand why you have certain difficulties and what you can do to help with those.

It might help you make sense of your relationships and experiences.

It might help your family, mental health team, doctor, employer, or anyone else you choose to tell to understand why you have certain difficulties and what they can do to help.

It might help you get access to services (like the autism hub) and benefits that you might need.

It would mean that your employer, college or university must provide reasonable adjustments for you to help you with parts of your job or studying that you find difficult.

It might help you to find other like-minded people, or identify with other people with Autism.

Autism diagnosis can be unhelpful because:

It doesn’t guarantee that you need, or will get benefits.

The military do not accept applications from people with a diagnosis of Autism. 

Some people feel that it is an unnecessary label.

The Autism Assessment Process 

What to expect during an Assessment?

Click on the image below to open our Assessment Pathway PowerPoint to find out more information about the process.

 If you would like to discuss the possibility of an autism assessment please call or email and we will ask a member of out team to call you back at a convenient time. 

Useful links

The links below will help you find further advice and guidance about Autism and diagnosis.

Diagnostic assessment - a guide for adults who think they might be autistic
Here's what you can expect to happen on the day of the assessment and soon after.​

Autistica website

1800 Seconds on Autism Podcasts

Ambitious About Autism website - I think I have Autism

NICE ( National Institute for Health and care Excellence) website - Autism spectrum disorder in adults: diagnosis and management

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