One to One appointments


We understand that life can take a turn and that unexpected things happen that can cause anxiety and stress. To help, where possible, Telford Autism Hub offers one to one support for individuals with a diagnosis of ASD / Asperger Syndrome. One to one appointments can be used to support individuals with a wide range of issues that have included developing an understanding of ASD, dealing with stress and anxiety (developing strategies), help with the assessment paperwork, to discuss possible work-related issues or to be a "listening service". 


One to one sessions are all pre-booked and you usually have up to an hour to discuss your situation. Sometimes, more support is needed so we can follow up with additional appointments, offer support in The Hub's drop in or by offering regular well-being calls. Sometimes we know other organisations are more appropriate to help in certain situations and we would therefore help with making contact with them. Examples of other organisations that can help include Jobcentre +, housing organisations, Citizen's Advice Bureau and social workers.

Psychology Patient

Unfortunately, one to one appointments are only for those who have a formal diagnosis of ASD or for those waiting for an assessment with us who may need more support with the questionnaires and paperwork or support moving through the diagnostic process.


If you feel one to one support is needed, then you are welcome to contact us and we can book an appointment for you.