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     Telford and Wrekin CVS manage two Autism Hub teams, one for ADULTS and the other for CHILDREN 


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Telford Adult's Autism Hubs main aim is to enable individuals  to better understand their autistic identity. 

This can be an individaul seeking an assessment or general support.  It can also be other agencies and businesses wanting to be better placed to meet the needs of Telfords neurodiverse community.


We work with adults registered with a GP in Telford & Wrekin.


Our Hub is based at Hazledine House in the Town Centre.

Telford Adult's Autism Hub provides:


  • A first point of contact for an adult autism assessments (18+)

  • Social opportunities for people identifying as autistic 

  • Information and training

  • I to 1 advice and guidance

  • Autism champion training

  • Friday peer support drop in 

We can help you:

  • Find out if you are autistic

  • Understand more about Autism 

  • Meet and socialise with other people

  • Become more confident and independent 

  • Find other teams and organisations who might also be able to help and support you


Our Children’s Autism Hub is available to children and young people aged 0-18, and their families, who have a formal diagnosis of Autism.


   For individuals that have other needs, for example, a learning disability, the Autism Hub will provide support in respect of their Autism.  Our Hub is based at Hazledine House in the Town Centre

Telford Children Autism Hub supports individuals and their families/carers by:


  • Giving helpful, relevant advice, information and signposting;

  • Providing workshops where young people and families can receive support in a group setting.

  • Supporting parents to plan and implement strategies within the ASD care plan

  • Facilitating group support for children and young people and their parents/carers


"Head over to our Children's Autism Hub to find out more ."

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Autism, seeing the world from a different angle.


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